Percy Lab - The next-gen tool for text generation

03/02/2023 : Percy Lab is compatible with the new Open AI API: gpt-3.5-turbo (official GPT Chat API)

Percy Lab is the most advanced text manipulation solution with ChatGPT / Open AI. We offer flows. Percy Lab has developed a powerful Flows system, which allows you to define custom sequences of calls to Open AI.

Generate SEO texts by combining GPT Chat + Percy Lab

Percy Lab allows you to combine the power of Chat GPT with the flexibility of a system designed for SEO and writing.

The most powerful Bulk text generation solution

The first is its speed : Percy Lab has developed a powerful solution to call Open AI dozens of times at the same time, which allows you to generate a text of 2500 words in less than a minute.

The second one is its manageability : Percy Lab offers you a clear system to generate a well-defined text structure. If you want a optimized text for SEO with an h1, 3 h2 and 5 h3 for each h2, Percy Lab will allow you to create a Flows, and to reuse it as much as you want.

And the third is readability of information: Percy Lab offers you to trace each render, so you can perfectly visualize which prompt generated which text.

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